Shout For Joy
(Projected release date September 2018)

Last summer, the Ndlovu Youth Choir recorded their album Shout For Joy. This 16-track record features both acapella and band arrangements of traditional South African isiZulu and ixiXhosa songs, as well as Christian gospel and original works.    


NDLOVU YOUTH CHOIR, conducted & arranged by Ralf Schmitt 

Produced by Rachel Faro 

Executive Producers: Helge Sasse, Ralf Schmitt, Dr. Hugo Tempelman

All Rights Reserved © Tempest Film GmbH

Recorded at South Africa Broadcasting Corporation, Johannesburg
July – August 2017 

Engineered by Evert de Munnik 

Mixed by Jimmy Douglass at MagicMix, Miami 
September – October 2017

Keyboards: Sipho Hleza 

Guitar: Vivian Alexander 

Saxophone: Ayo Solanke 

Trumpet: Sydney Mavundla 

Bass: Morne Brainers 

Drums, percussion: Peter Djamba 

Special Guest: Sammy Figueroa, percussion on Africa,Masakela Medley, Chakurama and Africa Meeting Africa (recorded in Miami)


1. Umntwana 
2. Baba Yelele  
3. Indodana 
4. Asimbonanga 
5. Mandela 
6. Africa Meeting Africa 
7. Morena  
8. Children Go (Odetta) 
9. Emarabini 
10. Funda 
11. Afrika
12. Umkhonto kaShaka 
13. Shout for Joy 
14. Thula Thula Eflat 
15. Mangisondele  
16. Masekela Medley

About the Songs

Umkhonto kaShaka 
Traditional isiZulu / Arranged by Ralf Schmitt 
Lead singer: Bonginkosi Mahamba 
Djembe: Peter Djamba 
King Shaka Zulu ruled the Zulu Empire from 1816-1828. He was an innovative military commander and developed the traditional spear to be used as a melee weapon for close combat fighting. This song pays tribute to these advancements and the subsequent rise of the Zulu army. It translates as follows: “We are at war and the spear of Shaka will stab our enemy. They tried coming in great numbers but Shaka’s spear prevails. We trust in Shaka’s spear to conquer.” 

Music & lyrics by Sipho Hleza 
Lead singer: Thulisile Masanabo; spoken word: Aleck Mkhonza 
Congas: Sammy Figueroa 
The composer of this song, Sipho Hleza, has been part of the Ndlovu Youth Choir and the Ndlovu music program since its inception. His growth as a musician and composer have paralleled the growth of the choir. Urging African unity, the lyrics are sung in isiZulu as well as seSotho, describing the beauty of African culture and the spirit of Ubuntu (humanity’s interconnectedness). 

Traditional ixiXhosa 
Arranged by Ralf Schmitt & Michael Barrett (Santa Barbara Publishing Co. ASCAP) 
Lead singer: Lungelo Masango 
‘Indodana’ is a ixiXhosa Christian prayer about the crucifixion of Christ, sung during Eastertide. The lyrics express the following supplication: “Lord, we ask you to be with us at the time that the Son of Man has been taken away from us.” 

Africa Meeting Africa 
With Ephat Mujuru 
Words & music by Ephat Mujuru; choral arrangement by Ralf Schmitt 
Ephat Mujuru was a Zimbabwean Shona mbira master of great reknown. This track is from his album “Journey of the Spirit”, released one year after his death in 2004. In his Shona language and English he speaks of the African spirit as it exists all over the world. In honor of African unity the choir sings the word ‘hello’ in seven of Africa’s seventeen languages. 

Music by Glaucia Nasser; Lyrics by Anandi Gefroh; choral arrangement by Ralf Schmitt 
Lead singer: Thulisile Masanabo 
This song, first recorded by Brazilian singer Glaucia Nasser, pays tribute to Africa’s great enlightened chief and leader who suffered to bring about a new society and Africa’s hope. 

Thula Thula 
Traditional isiZulu/ Arranged by Ralf Schmitt & Vivian Alexander 
Lead singer: Ntombimpela Thwala 
Guitar: Vivian Alexander  
‘Thula Thula’ is a traditional lullaby, urging the baby not to cry and reassuring them that their mother will return in the morning. 

Baba Yelele
Traditional isiZulu / Arranged by Ralf Schmitt 
Lead singer: Aleck Mkhonza 
This song is about a man who comes in from the forest looking for his cows only to find out that a little boy named Lindelani has run away with them. When he asks the village if they have seen Lindelani and the cows, they say that if the cows return to the forest, it will be dark by the time they arrive there. 

Children Go Where I Send Thee 
Traditional / Arranged by Ralf Schmitt 
Lead singer & guitar: Odetta 
Acoustic bass: Bill Lee 
(from the album ‘Beautiful Star’) 
Here traditional African American gospel meets African gospel singing. The legendary American folksinger recorded this track in 1988. It has been revived with the choir adding beautiful Zulu harmonies in the traditional Isicathamiya style. 

Traditional isiZulu / Arranged by Sandile Majola and Sipho Hleza  
In this love song a woman asks the man she loves to allow her to come closer to him. The ladies in the village, jealous of their love affair, always gossip and criticize the woman. 

Mangisondela Nkosi Yam 
Music by Sarah F. Adams
Choral Arrangement by Ralf Schmitt and Michael Barrett 
Lead singers: Bonginkosi Mahamba; Ntombimpela Thwala 
Based on the English Hymn ‘Nearer My God to Thee’, ‘Mangisondela’ beautifully illustrates the influence of western missionaries on the choral culture of South Africa. The Zulu lyrics translate as follows, beseeching: “Let me come closer to my God in times of sorrow and difficulty. My Lord gives me comfort. Even though I am poor, I believe that the Lord will provide for me.” 

Hugh Masekela Medley 
Music & lyrics by Hugh Masekela / Arranged by Ralf Schmitt 
This medley celebrates the musical legacy of the world renowned South African trumpeter, ‘Bra’ Hugh Masekela. ‘Bra Hugh’ as he is affectionately known has been an inspiration to countless young South African musicians. He hails from eMalahleni which is less than fifty miles from Moetse, where the Ndlovu Youth Choir is based, and is himself a testament to the potential of musicians from rural areas. The medley features three of Masekela’s most popular songs: ‘Serafina’,